About us

Authentic Luxury For Less

How We Do It

C-Suite Attire works directly with some of the world's premier brands and
luxury retailers to source our merchandise. Through our unique relationships
with them, we secure products at a discount, and in turn pass along those
savings to you.

We know that buying clothing online can have its drawbacks, and that is why
we do everything we can to make the process as effortless as possible for you.
We include measurements for all our items either in the descriptions or
directly in the pictures so you can be confident that what you buy will fit.

Additionally, we are happy to offer free shipping on all our products, and
we accept returns within 14 days after you receive your items.

Want To Visit?

While ecommerce is great, we understand that there really is no true substitute for being able to actually touch that cashmere or match the color of a tie to a dress in person. Though we are not open to the public, we are happy to offer by appointment only visits to our office. If you find yourself in Minnesota and come by the Twin Cities, please feel free to reach out and we will try to schedule a time for you to come in. We always love meeting our customers face to face!


Throughout our site you will see the terms NWT and NWOT.


The majority of our items are New With Tags (NWT) meaning that they are brand new with the original tags attached.


A small number of our items are New Without Tags (NWOT) meaning these items are still new, but at some point the tags fell off the garment either in a retail store, during transit, or in a warehouse.